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Thank you for choosing to order with Axis Video Productions. Please complete the below form and we will begin to process your item.
Once we have received your form we will issue an invoice for the cost of the item (and postage if required) to your email address.
As soon as the item is ready for dispatch you will be notified via Email.

Postal Delivery or Collection

Number of Copies

Please Read the Following Text Carefully.


The following legalities and agreement contract effective is by and between Axis Video Productions (from here on referred as ‘AVP’) and the responsible party for professional videography and digital editing services acquired for the specified event (specified on the booking form).



This agreement is between AVP and the "Responsible Party" (Client) as designated on the details sheet.

Video footage of Children & Young adults

AVP staff pride theirselves that they undergo rigorous DBS checks every 12 months and can provide all clients with copies of the latest Certificates, which can be found on the Insurances page of our website.

Clients can feel rest assured that we are fully compliant with all current rules and regulations safeguarding children.

Video Rights & Format

AVP maintains the right to use the video captured under this contract for advertising and portfolio use. This includes all commercial rights and use of video, imaging & audio including, but not limited to distribution of the video on the AVP website as a portfolio piece.

In signing this agreement you agree to give AVP permission to use these images, videos, and recordings, as well as your likeness, name, and voice, as follows:

• The use may include reproduction, distribution, derivative works, display, and performance.

• The use may be in composite or modified forms and in any media, now known or later developed, including without limitation newspapers, television, radio, the World Wide Web,

and social media.

• The use may be for any purpose throughout the world and in perpetuity, including, without limitation, education, trade, advertising, and promotion.

• AVP staff will make an attempt when appropriate and where they see fit to take a photograph throughout the day, but these remain the property of AVP (see additional information at the bottom of this contract).

This also includes any guests of the event/wedding to be used in the above.



The Client agrees that any personal information submitted to AVP in the above form will be used for the above purposes mentioned and will be stored safely on a password protected portable hard drive on site at the AVP operating premises.

The above information will be stored indefinitely along with all of the footage files in case the client ever requires changes and/or additional copies.

By signing this agreement, you Opt in to having your personal information submitted and stored securely by AVP.

If at any point you would like your personal information removed from our database then you would need to submit this in writing to the following email address: and detail that you wish to be forgotten and all personal data removed from our database.

Axis Video Productions reserves the right to change & alter this contract without giving notice to any clients past or present.

By ticking the box below & submitting this information, you are acknowledging and accepting the legalities and agreements listed in the above contract between AVP and the responsible party listed at the top of this booking form.

I Agree to the above Terms & Conditions as set by AVP management.

Thank you, your information will be processed shortly & an invoice will be issued to the email addresses provided.

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