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2 months in & it's all about your mentality & drive.

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Don't get stuck in rut, because with the right mentality you can do anything you want providing you put your mind to the task ahead.

Why did change my career path?

It started whilst i was on my honeymoon funny enough, the most i think i have ever been relaxed and where i could lay down on a sun lounger with my newly wed wife next to me and reflect on everything i've accomplished & how far i've come in the past 9 years of office fit out & design, but a 9-5 desk job was never for me & albeit at the age of 27 i was just getting tired of the commuting everyday on some of the worse roads in Essex.

After a while you begin to see the same people travelling to work, the same cars and lorries on the road & most importantly you forget how you actually got home because you have been doing the same journey for years.

Over the years of doing what i've done you pick up a certain skillset and use all sorts of equipment, and it was only when i was away that i had a chance to think real hard about what i wanted out of the next stage of my life.

I realised that with a few additions to my list of equipment i already owned, i could set up some kind of video editing/videography business. So without hesitation & a small amount of consultation with my wife i bought a Drone, gimbal and various other bits and pieces, which certainly broke the bank but there is that famous old saying "You have to spend money, to make money".

The 3 E's is a thing but doesn't apply to everything.

Within a week or so of being set up with all my new equipment (wife calls them toys) ready and raring to go i was contacted by a woman on facebook asking if i could video their wedding & how much this would cost, being the kind of person i am and desperately needing the Experience, Exposure & Examples of work i replied back straight away and said i would do it for absolutely nothing.

Over the moon, the couple agreed and my first day on the job went better than i expected, i came home full of life & invigorated by what i had done, after editing all the footage the happy couple couldn't more thankful for how i made their day so memorable.

The 3 E's apply to anything in life when setting up your own business venture. First off the Experience is key but unless you have a client willing to a leap of faith you wont get it the chance to develop, secondly the Exposure is just as important as you need this to demonstrate to your client and anyone else at an event that you have the right stuff for the service your selling & lastly the Examples, you cant get the examples unless you have had the opportunity to get the experience and exposure, they are all tied together but they are all as important as each other. New clients especially want to see examples of your previous work to make sure they are happy to hire/employ or buy from you.

Sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith yourself but you need to make the first client comfortable enough to leap with you, because if you can do this every time then you could become successful at whatever you choose to do.

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